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May 25

The Twisted Ankle 2012: Race Report


I’ve been telling a few of my friends that I would get around to writing up my race report, so here goes. The Twisted Ankle Half and Full Marathon is a challenging trail run held every year in Summerville, GA. I found the course both harder than I imagined, and absolutely beautiful. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, and I can’t wait to go back.

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Dec 20

Cambrex Introduces Redesigned Website


East Rutherford, NJ – Cambrex Corporation (NYSE: CBM, "Cambrex") has launched a redesigned website. The redesigned website features improved navigation and better showcases the product and service capabilities that Cambrex offers to customers.

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Oct 22

Why Redbox should have a conversation with Krogers

Topics: Life, Usability

We talk a lot about usability, and making things as simple as possible for your customers. While on a recent trip to Houston, Texas, I captured a great example of getting in the way of your customers that I just had to share.

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Oct 14

Using Google Maps to Compliment a List of Locations

Topics: AJAX, ExpressionEngine, Google Maps

Cambrex Corporation was a client of ours with offices and manufacturing facilities all over the world. We used the Google Maps API and some ExpressionEngine fields to give Cambrex's customers a better picture of key Cambrex locations.

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Jan 14

Phusion Passenger and the Missing Application

Topics: Capistrano, Ruby on Rails

I spent hours trying to deploy a Rails application today.
Every time I restarted Passenger, I'd receive the following error:
no such file to load -- application (MissingSourceFile)

If you're receiving this error, here's an addition to your Capistrano recipe that might do the trick.

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